Monday, 24 May 2010

I came upon this tiny article entitled "Make your own eco-barbeque" by Sarah Davies listed on

Using charcoal isn't very environmentally friendly, but modern BBQ's aren't designed for wood. If your washer is beyond repair, or a friend is getting rid of theirs, remove the drum before its recycled (its easy, just unscrew from the back). Stand it on a stone surface, add a mesh over the top and you have a perfect wood barbeque, or firepit. The holes that used to let water through are great for letting oxygen to the fire, and as the wood burns, the ash falls through them

Now I happen to have two of these very drums sitting in the garden as we speak.  Yes, I know!  How often does that happen??  Now I don't have to go out and buy a new washing machine just to be able to recycle the drum out of my old one. 

Whew, what a relief that is!!

David has kindly compacted the broken bricks which form the base of the embrionic patio, and now my new teak table is sitting, proudly, gleaming with freshly applied teak oil, so that I can enjoy my meals in this unlooked for sunshine:)

the top picture is the "Lazy Susan" which fits over the centre of the table and revolves so that it's easy for guests to help themsselves to the lovely grub - who knows, maybe from my stainless steel bbq?

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