Sunday, 30 May 2010

my poor neighbours!

Last evening the door bell rang.  A police officer stood there in his shirt sleeves, radio in hand.

Had I heard anything at about 9pm the night before?  Somebody had thrown a brick through my neighbour's living room window!!!!

I was out visiting a friend, my house had been empty, so clearly I couldn't help.  I'm lucky I didn't return home to a brick through my window, I suppose.  I hope the variety of shrubs I have in front of my house afforded me some protection, it would have been difficult to have found a good place to take a shot from.  If they had ventured onto the path or driveway, the security lights would have perhaps startled them. 

Who knows?  I just feel sorry for my poor, elderly neighbours:(

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  1. It just makes you so blue, to think that there are people who have so little humanity that they would cause not only damage to property, but also create an emotional malestrom for the people inside the house, that will have a hangover for months..... at least.


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