Wednesday, 12 May 2010

patio progression!

David is progressing well with the creation of the patio area - we're hoping to get it finished this summe - I'm so looking forward to holding a bbq!!!

Top photo shows existing herbs which have been establishing themselves nicely in one of the vegetable bed pending the creation of the herb bed. 

Middle photo shows the nearly completed herb bed, which will run the length of the patio - no more wet, yucky shoes when going out to harvest a few handfuls of herbs after a British shower - hooray:-)

As you can see, I've planted up one or two smaller specimens, but the larger ones need a fork taking to them, and my back's not been up to it today:(  But I have sprinkled a few seeds in there, including some salad leaves, even though they're not herbs - it's my bed, I can be creative:-)

This photo proves how hardy chard is - some of these plants are three years old now, and still flourishing with no molly-coddling through the winter, and they've been transplanted to the lower bed, and have survived this treatment, too :-)

Strange phrase, molly-coddling, isn't it?  Anyone know where it originated?


  1. Looking good :D Speak tomorrow... sorry I missed you today xxx

  2. one day it will look really good - he's out there today digging out and bricking the steps, so that will be another stage finished:)


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