Sunday, 9 May 2010

wish me luck!

Last time I caught sight of a newspaper the government question was still up in the air, and there's a hung parliament in my brain as well as in the country.  I feel like I've been reading non-stop, but, of course, that's nonsense - unless somebody else has been here hanging out the washing in the sporadic sunshine!  Sometimes I can understand why people try to gain a sneaky look at the exam papers - today has been a horrible day:(

The time has come, or at least, at 0920 in the morning it will have come.  I shall be seated, turning over my exam paper and hoping that there are two, just two, that's all I ask for, two questions that I'll be able to answer with such authority that I will get as near to 70% as it's possible to get, then my first should be 'in the bag' - provided there's a following wind, of course:)

So, wish me luck!  Cross your fingers that the books I know best will appear on the paper, and the subject areas I'm most comfortable with will be there, just waiting for my pearls of wisdom.

Oh, and I also planted some vegetable seeds this week - better late than never, as they say, and it's encouraging to see tiny specks of green peppering the rich loam - though that could be moss, I suppose!

Think of me tomorrow - I'll let you know just how terrible it was when it's over:)


  1. Good Luck! Good Luck! You'll do great!

  2. Thanks Betty:) Sadly I wrote like a first year, so I fear I'm stuck with a 2:1, but hey, there are many folk who'd love to achieve a 2:1, so I'm not complaining - well, not too much, anyway!

  3. I think you've been too negative over the exam. Positive things happen to positive people! Anyway, first or 2:1 I'll still think you've done exceptionally well. I've seen how hard you have worked over the last few years and I'm proud to call you my friend xx

  4. Thank you, Claire:) I'm going to miss seeing you as often, but I know we'll keep in touch x


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