Monday, 24 May 2010

new tooth

As you may remember, I managed to break a pre-molar on the morning of my final exam on the 10th May- curses upon the seeds in delicious seedy breads! 

(You would think I would have learned my lesson, really, wouldn't you?  Eleven years ago I was obliged to have a molar extracted as a similar thing happened, but I developed an abcess below it, and there was only a 20% chance of it surviving even with extensive root canal work, and we were due to go away for three weeks etc etc, so out it came.)

Anyway, I visited the dentist last Wednesday on an emergency appointment - it wasn't hurting, so I didn't need a same day appointment or anything dramatic.  I explained what had happenened, she had a look and said she could simply build it up with white filling, as there was an existing white filling adjacent to where the side of the tooth had broken away.

I said "great", she said it would have to be private, I said "fine".  When she got out the anaesthetic, I reminded her I was a coward and needed enough for an elephant.  She laughed, and said I'd had extensive root canal work a couple of years ago and survived it;  I pointed out that I only survived it because she gave me enough for the elephant.  She smiled, and injected for about a minute - I was starting to feel numb before she removed the needle - it's great when they actually listen to their patients, isn't it?  She got on with drilling, packing and setting under UV light, and in less than half an hour I was outside again.  Numb, but happy.

The cost, I hear you ask?  A bargain at £70.  And I really, really, really, felt no pain.  I have an excellent dentist, it may take me half an hour or so to drive to Southport, but whilst she remains in the practice, I'll continue to make the journey:-)

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