Saturday, 29 May 2010

stolen purse, the work of a moment!

My neighbours parked their car on their drive.  They went indoors.  He took the two dogs for a short walk to the park.  She sat down in the conservatory for a little while, dumping her handbag on the coffee table instead of putting it in the cupboard, where it normally lives.

She went through to the living room to fetch something.  When she returned to the conservatory she saw a navy suited figure leaving through the door.  Sensibly, she didn't accost him.  She looked in her handbag, her purse was missing.  Maybe it had fallen out in the car? 

He was returning home with the dogs.  Outside my house a young man in navy worksuit nodded to him, smiled and crossed the road.  He carried on home, next door to me.

She met him and asked if he'd seen a young man in navy.  Yes, he had.  They looked together for her purse, it wasn't in the car.  They called the police.

Despite several officers called out, they didn't find the young man.

So, beware of opportunist thieves!  They strike whenever they feel like it, they don't leave a calling card.

My neighbours have a house with wrought iron grilles at the front door, and a wrought iron gate across their drive.  The gate was left open whilst he walked the dogs for a quarter of an hour.  It took less than that for the theft to take place.

Guard your belongings - don't let them get away with it if they visit your house!

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